INCLUSION Is What The Contingent Labor Industry Needs In A Conference

In part one of this series we took an “out with the old, in with the new” look at contingent labor conferences and then began our review of the Top 5 things the contingent labor industry needs in a conference by looking at the importance of Industry Alignment. Without further ado, #2…

#2 – All Inclusive

Ours is an industry built upon multiple participants, each bringing a critical piece of the puzzle to the bundled contingent labor program solution. Shouldn’t a conference representing our industry welcome MSPs? VMSs? Staffing suppliers? SOW suppliers? Online staffing solutions? FMSs? Consultants? HR? Procurement?

I have heard from several people over the last couple of months about their experiences attending, or in some cases trying to attend, well known but “exclusive” conferences in our industry. Maybe you too have heard of or even experienced firsthand the stories about “no consultants allowed,” armed security guards clearing the lobby of the un-badged (yours truly included!), skimpy agendas that ignore material components and participants of our industry, and outrageous sponsorship costs and membership conditions that prohibit many industry participants from sponsoring or even attending.

You won’t find any of that at VMSA Live because we embrace how our industry is growing and diversifying. And, we are not funded by a larger special interest organization that has a not-so-hidden agenda. Instead, we deliberately avoid those trappings in order to sustain our independence and keep our doors, and especially our minds, open to all. In fact, we have even invited other conference promoters to attend VMSA Live.

It is this kind of independence that allows VMSA Live to put on such a broad, diverse and objective agenda covering the topics that matter most to you, the success of your program, your company, your job… not just the topics that garner the highest sponsor dollars. And presented to you by real practitioners and industry experts… not inexperienced sales people who lack the detailed, hands on expertise you really came to hear about.

Next time we will dive deep into how a contingent labor industry conference needs to abandon the monolithic category focus and incorporate multiple categories of spend into the conversation. Until then…

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