INTERACTION Is What The Contingent Labor Industry Needs In A Conference

And now, to wrap up our Top 5 list, here is…

#5 – Interaction and Collaboration… It’s The Best Way To Network

One of the many definitions of the word network is “to maintain relationships with people.” However, in order to maintain relationships you must first establish relationships, which is the act of networking or “the practice of gathering contacts.” Understandably some people think of networking primarily as schmoozing (right click on the word networking to see it listed as a synonym). That is why VMSA Live makes ‘interaction’ a key component of its conference value promise: every attendee will have ample opportunities and means to interact with all other attendees. We take networking interaction very seriously, as a few examples from our agenda demonstrate:

  • Technology Pavilion   Non-stop technology demonstration track for all attendees to stop in and check out the technology underpinnings of our industry. A room where you can interact with a technology you know or learn about a technology you don’t. From vendor management systems (VMS) to freelance management systems (FMS) to talent pools, industry-leading providers will be demonstrating their technologies. Join companies likeAgile 1BeelineBullhorn, Genesys Talent, JobDiva, Provade and others to play interact with their functionality in the VMSA Technology Pavilion sponsored by Geometric Results.
  • Interactive Workshops What better way to network interact than to join other cross-industry professionals in a workshop setting to deep dive into the topics everybody is talking about:
    • Diversity Programs
    • Supplier Performance Management
    • Statement Of Work Practices & Strategies
    • Supplier Value Proposition (Staffing & SOW)
    • Negotiation Strategies
    • Regulatory Roadblocks
    • Procurement and HR Stakeholder Challenges
    • Pick the topics that interest you most and dive in! Take the learnings and experiences of your peers back to your own job.
  • SOW EduVMSA Live is pleased to offer a concentrated and interactive SOW educational track that focuses on discussing strategies for managing SOW-based services from within the program governance model and category strategies on how to optimize sourcing and vendor management practices. Interact with global category leaders from 3 Fortune 500 hundred companies, MetLife, Shell and Caterpillar.
  • Cocktails  VMSA Live is an all inclusive conference, so for you traditionalists who still like to network the old fashion way (with a drink in your hand), then you will not be disappointed at VMSA Live Florida!


VMSA Live is still an up and coming conference and we recognize that we still have a lot of growth and maturity in front of us to be everything you want us to be. But we are at the same time confidently buoyed by the support, dedication and loyalty of past attendees and sponsors. We are grateful for the support of new and returning Fortune 500 companies and their representatives who have chosen to invest in our way of conducting a conference for the contingent labor industry. And we are honored (and really stoked!) by the fact that we sold out our first expanded scope conference in Vegas this year and had to seek a bigger venue at the beautiful oceanfront Westin in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for February of 2016.

If you have not yet attended VMSA Live, we humbly request your presence for three days in south Florida during February even if only on a trial basis. If we fail to deliver the value we have lead you to expect, then we will take your feedback to heart and either make it right or suffer the consequences. That is how VMSA Live has gotten this far and we are not about to stop listening to any of you now.

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