Managed Services Procurement is the unique SFS version of the statement of work "MSP" model. We deliver SOW MSP services directly to large and mid-size clients who are ready to manage SOW spend in conjunction with their temporary labor. The delivery difference is in our team: experienced procurement, strategic sourcing, contract negotiation and category management professionals. The value difference is in how our team delivers managed services procurement across your SOW spend portfolio: the SFS Entry Point Methodology ensures the optimal SOW transaction support regardless of category spend and operational maturity.

Already have a staffing MSP in place? Don't worry. We are experienced at integrating our SOW support services seamlessly with staffing MSPs. 

Want to establish an SOW only program? No problem. For a number of companies managing SOW is the primary focus. SFS can establish stand alone SOW program governance. Let us know what you are thinking and we will collaborate to design the best SOW solution for your organization.

“Did you know statement of work (SOW) spend is 10 times the size of temporary labor spend?”

“The contingent labor program we have in place works fine, but we need to get our SOW spend under program control as well. How do we do that when managing SOW requires such different skill sets from temp staffing?”

Contingent Labor Program Scope Expansion into Services Procurement

Managing temporary labor is only the tip of the iceberg for bringing enterprise wide Services spend under more effective management. Starting with staffing vendors is key, but greater savings, third party risk management and operational efficiency gains lie beyond temporary labor. Spend made on statements of work (aka SOW’s) represent the more complex underlying projects, deliverables, and managed or outsourced services that the enterprise engages from different types of vendors. At 10 times the amount of spend than temporary labor, SOW-based categories cannot be ignored.

Sourcing For Services is Not Like Other MSPs

Sourcing For Services has deep contingent labor experience and is a proven leader in SOW technology and program management innovations. Procurement leaders, program stakeholders and category managers turn to SFS for alternatives to the traditional contingent labor program model run by staffing MSPs. At SFS we have developed our own unique version of MSP for SOW and we call it Managed Services Procurement.

SFS is an integrated bolt-on service to the staffing MSP model. We extend the common program governance structure and operations to include actual sourcing and contracting support across the more complex professional services categories. And, SFS does it all within the economic context of the modern MSP-VMS lead contingent labor program.

“Sourcing for Services turned our traditional staffing MSP program into a  managed services procurement  team.”

“Sourcing for Services turned our traditional staffing MSP program into a managed services procurement team.”

Differentiated SOW Support

  • Sourcing and Procurement Practitioners with 18+ years experience

  • Proven Entry Point Engagement Model to extend procurement’s reach and optimize savings

  • Competitive MSP pricing structure with supplier and client funding options

  • Full Service MSP for SOW: sourcing, contract development, administrative support, reporting and analytics

  • Client decides scope of our services. Often we are engaged to focus our attention on managing the SOW supplier spend tail.

  • Implementation and operational expertise with all major VMSs (VNDLY, Beeline, SAP Fieldglass, Coupa / DCR Workforce, IQ Navigator, Provade, and more)

  • Exclusive SOW delivery partner for select staffing MSPs (Yoh!, Pipeline Talent, NextSource) and can integrate with any MSP.

“Can you really manage complex professional services with a contingent workforce program model??”

“Can you really manage complex professional services with a contingent workforce program model??”

Whether you have an existing contingent labor program in place that you need to extend or are seeking a new, more comprehensive program solution, Sourcing for Services could be just what you have been looking for.

Give us 45 minutes to demonstrate the credibility of our Managed Services Procurement approach and the simplistic power of our Entry Point Engagement Model... we are confident you will see the delivery and value difference in how SFS does SOW!