“Did you know statement of work (SOW) spend is 10 times the size of temporary labor spend?”

“Sourcing for Services turned our traditional staffing MSP program into a managed services procurement team.”

Managing temporary labor is only the tip of the iceberg for bringing enterprise wide Services spend under more effective management. Starting with staffing vendors is key, but greater savings, third party risk management and operational efficiency gains lie beyond temporary labor. Spend made on statements of work (aka SOW’s) represent the more complex underlying projects, deliverables, and managed or outsourced services that the enterprise engages from different types of vendors. At 10 times the amount of spend than temporary labor, SOW-based categories cannot be ignored.

“The contingent labor program we have in place works fine, but we need to get our SOW spend under program control as well. How do we do that when SOW requires such different skill sets than temp staff recruiting and administration?”

Fortunately, recent innovation by Sourcing for Services provides CPO’s and Services Procurement leaders a familiar and highly effective alternative to the traditional contingent labor program model. At SFS we have developed our own unique version of MSP for SOW and we call it Managed Services Procurement.

Managed Services Procurement at SFS specializes in managing the entire portfolio of SOW-based categories and suppliers in your organization. We are not a typical Procurement BPO which focuses on single categories for short, disruptive and unsustainable sprints; we are a long term operational solution that extends your Procurement team’s reach - day in and day out.

We are not a traditional staffing managed service provider either. Instead SFS is an integrated bolt-on service to that model, extending the common program governance structure and scaling procurement operations across the more complex categories.

“Can you really manage complex professional services with a contingent workforce program model??”

  • Sourcing and Procurement Practitioners with 15+ Years Experience
  • Proven Contingent Labor-based Program Model to Extend Procurement’s Reach
  • Industry First: SOW Compliance Analytics
  • Pricing Within the Economic Context of Existing Contingent Labor Program Fee Structure.

Whether you have an existing contingent labor program in place that you need to extend or are seeking a new, more comprehensive program solution, Sourcing for Services could be just what you have been looking for.

Give us 45 minutes to demonstrate the credibility of our Managed Services Procurement model and the analytical power of our SOW Compliance product... we are confident you will see the difference in SFS like several Fortune 500 and other companies have seen.