Technology Evaluation & Selection

The key to a successful and lasting technology selection is the alignment of that technology layer with the accompanying service layer. It is also important for the evaluator to possess the relevant experience to realize that one layer cannot and will not be successful without the other. Sourcing For Services has become a valued resource in the evaluation, selection and development of procurement technologies because of our keen and deep understanding of the service layer requirements to conduct and sustain sourcing practices that lead to value-added and compliant vendor selections. For instance:

  • To properly evaluate a vendor management system (VMS) requires a contingent workforce practitioner’s understanding and appreciation of what vendor management business and operational objectives should be.

  • The selection of a freelance management system requires knowledge of what compliant freelance management entails across all worker classification types.

  • The best sourcing platforms encompass all the key facets of strategic and tactical sourcing and a healthy appreciation for the difference.


Over the years clients, as well as industry analysts, have depended on the expertise at Sourcing For Services for thorough and insightful evaluation of services procurement technologies. VMS, FMS and Sourcing technology providers have engaged SFS for development of business requirements and validation of workflow functionality, configurability, and relevance to the service layer.